Master Build Guarantee

The Master Build Guarantee is a product that a home owner can obtain from their Registered Master Builder to protect themselves from or against certain events such as loss of deposit, non-completion of the building work, defective workmanship and materials, rot and fungal decay and structural defects. The guarantee is backed by Master Build Services Limited so in the event of the builder being unable or unwilling to perform Master Build Services will, assuming the terms and conditions of the guarantee are met.

Licensed Building Practitioner

LBPs are designers, carpenters, brick and block layers, roofers, external plasterers, site and foundations specialists who have been assessed to be competent to carry out work essential to a residential building’s structure or weather tightness.

The licensed building practitioner scheme was established under the Building Act 2004. Obtaining licensing status shows the public and potential clients that you meet a minimum standard of competency in your licensed area and it enables you to carry out or supervise restricted building work (RBW).