Access to Decision Makers

We are not a franchise, nor do we have a long chain of command to go through in order to get an answer or make a decision. The ability to respond quickly to changes is a major asset we have and use to stay ahead. Being a small – medium sized Canterbury owned and operated business gives us the flexibility to make swift, immediate and necessary changes that are essential when delivering a construction project.

Apex Projects is guided by two directors who have a combined 50 years of industry experience. Clients are ensured direct access to the business directors, who are closely involved across all levels of your project.

Personalized to your Individual Needs

We take delivering personalised, unexpected and exceptional customer service very seriously. We really get to know our customers’ needs, wants and history.

For every project we bring together a highly experienced and qualified team of trusted engineers, architects and contractors who work as partners to ensure the expertise we provide is of industry-leading standards. We are not limited by in-house designers; this means we will match your individual requirements with the right people to achieve the best ultimate outcome for your project.

Our Talented Team

Without people—or more importantly, the right people—the ability to succeed is near impossible. Creating an environment for success is one of our key goals at Apex Projects.

We have in place a thorough recruitment process to ensure we recruit people with the right combination of skills, personality and values required to deliver our high standards of excellence in all we do.

We have processes in place to grow and develop our team members and hold regular team building and social events.  As a result, we retain a team of people who are engaged, driven and committed to our client’s and their satisfaction.